Healthy and clean air in my car

Is the air in my car polluted? Clean air in the car? Is it possible?

This is a question that bothers many people especially those with small children. Unfortunately, most of us live in big cities where the air is more like to be polluted. Changing the cabin air filter is not enough. We bet that even immediately after you change it you can notice certain smells or you can even feel that the air is heavy.

Does the cabin filter protect me from viruses, bacteria, pollen, and harmful substances? Is it good enough to protect us from Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

A major problem is that viruses, bacteria, and pollen which are floating in the air can’t be caught by the cabin filter because it’s not a HEPA filter. Therefore, it’s capable of caching just the bigger particles and dust. The other problem which is quite neglected is the fact that the air conditioning system in your car is a paradise for bacteria and mold.

Sore or runny nose while driving?

Maybe if you live in a hot country where you need to use the air conditioner more often you’ve noticed that after driving on long distances the air gets too dry. This might lead to runny or sore nose and even to an infection of your respiratory system.

Smoking in the car
Smokers quite often smoke in their cars. The cigarettes smoke leaves a bad and long-lasting smell in the cabin. But its also an air polluter which affects not only the smoker himself but the passengers.

How to improve the air quality in my car?
Many people use air purifiers to improve air quality in their homes. The air purifiers protect also from viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold and are capable of eliminating cigarette smoke and bad smells. Fortunately, the air purifier technologies have developed to a level that allows us having a healthy and clean air in our cars at an affordable price. Many of the air purifiers manufacturers have developed a decent portable car air purifiers which can be used from anybody in any car, everywhere. They do not need specialized installation or support. Below you’ll see a list of the best (vs. price) car air purifiers which eliminate all the problems described above.

Philips GPC10MXX1 Car Air Purifier GoPure Compact 100 Airmax

Removes up to 99% of harmful fine particles, such as pollen, dust, allergens, and bacteria as well as toxic chemicals floating in the air using a patented 3-layered filtration system.

It's capable of cleaning the air up 3 times per hour. It has very good air cleaning delivery rate of 14 m³/h. Turns on and off by itself and has two power levels.

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Price: £55.57

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Car Hepa Air Purifier Sterilize The Air Removing Smell Cigarette Smoke

Air Quality Sensor Detector
The Air Quality is displayed in three colors: Green (Good) Air quality; Blue (Moderate) air quality; Red (Poor air quality)

✔Filtration in 3 stages: HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon reduce 99.9%. Eliminates Allergens, Pollen, Smoke, Dust, Odors, Formaldehyde, Mold spores, Pet Dander, and TVOC
✔Negative Ion Generators: Ozone-free. Sterilizes and cleans the air continuously, efficiently removes and isolates dust and allergens.
✔Gesture Detection, Digital Display, and Aluminium Body: Hand Gesture for powering on/off and setting 2 speed (Low and High). A Real time display of the Air Quality, Temperature and Humidity indicators (in percentage). Unlike the other air purifiers with plastic corpus, the Aluminium alloy shell makes it fill expensive and a perfect for a gift.
✔Portable and compact: Perfect fit in a car cupholder. Can be used at home or at the office
✔ 2-year warranty and lifetime support from LeadYoung.

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